Full Service Storage

Full Service Storage

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Moving can take more than just a few days. It's especially common with long distance and sometimes even local moving. In this case, instead of leaving your items on the truck, it’s better to take advantage of professional moving and storage services to ensure the safety of your belongings.

As one of the leading full-service moving and storage companies in Los Angeles, we understand the importance of flexible moving and storage options. JFK Moving is always prepared to provide first-class moving and storage services for our customers anytime they require professionals’ help.

Just call us and one of our trained storage experts will guide you through the process. We'll first help to determine your needs and then set up a time to bring packing supplies and pick-up your items for storage. We can redeliver them to your address whenever you want them. It’s fast, convenient, and tailored to your specific needs.

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Types of Storages

We offer secure, private storage solutions to meet any scale of residential or commercial need.

Personal Storage

Personal Storage

During the moving process, our customers oftentimes need the ability to store their items. We offer many flexible storage options to cater directly to these needs. Our specialized storage services provide a safe and easy solution to meet your storage needs.

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Business Storage

Business Storage

Enjoy short and long term storage at affordable monthly rates. Your items remain fully wrapped and packed, securely protected in our storage facility. Storage-in-transit is available for your belongings for up to 60 days and then transferred to permanent storage.

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Short-term Storage

Short-term Storage

Since moving house gives you the best chance to decide what your new home will look like, our short-term full-service solution is available to help you choose what you need in your life and what you don’t. All you need to do is make the decision, we’ll deal with everything else—from pick-up and delivery to on-demand retrieval.

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Long-term Storage

Long-term Storage

Long-term storage is available from 6 months to as many years as you require, meaning you can safely and securely store that grand piano, 18th century credenza, or collection of rare comics with complete peace of mind.

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Reasons to Store

There are many other reasons why you might need both long- and short-term storage space.

Your are selling your home
You need to reduce clutter
You need to archive important paperwork
You need to store a loved-one’s belongings
Clean and Secure Facilities
You have seasonal items and furniture
You are renovating your home
You are a collector
You need to make an emergency move
You have inherited family heirlooms
You are moving temporarily
You are going to or returning from college

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