Local Packing and Unpacking services for all types of moves.

Local Packing and Unpacking services for all types of moves.

Packing services from one of the best moving companies in Southern California.

Are you in need of a professional local packing and unpacking service? Then, we’ve got you covered! In fact, as one of the full-service packing and moving companies in Los Angeles, JFK Moving team is always ready to assist you with your relocation process.

Furtheremore, we offer you professional packing and unpacking services that will save your time and energy. Truly, JFK Moving team has years of experience in packing delicate and breakable objects. Undebiably, handling valuable items like fine arts or appliances with care is our specialty!

In addition, there are many different ways to pack your belongings as each item requires a specific approach. So, as local movers, we will ensure that your valuables are properly organized, carefully packed, completely secured and   unpacked showing the best services we have.

Types of Packing Services


Full Packing

Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming with JFK Moving. So, if you dislike packing, we’ve got you covered. Our team of skilled movers and packers will handle everything from bedrooms to garages. Moreover, with experience in packing, and wrapping, your items will be safe and secure. Therefore, simply guide our team on what you need packed, and they’ll handle the rest. Planning to use some items the night before moving? No problem. We can pack those last-minute items on moving day for you.


Partial Packing

If you prefer to pack some items yourself but need extra help, we’ve got you covered.  For instance, for breakables or clearing storage, we can finish what you don’t. Indeed, life’s busy with work, school, and family, making it hard to pack everything. Thus, our partial packing services support those who start packing but get sidetracked. So, let us reduce your stress. Trust JFK Moving for your partial packing needs.


Furniture and Art Packing

We understand the importance of your items and the concern for their safe handling, especially furniture, art, and valuables. At JFK Moving, safeguarding your belongings is our top priority.Thefore, we ensure protection by using both high-quality furniture wrap and moving blankets. To guarantee safety, we take several steps. For furniture, we disassemble and wrap each piece to prevent damage or scratches during relocation. Similarly, for art and fragile items, we use top-grade materials for wrapping and secure storage, ensuring complete protection during transport.



JFK Moving offers an organized packing schedule for a practical, efficient experience. Need help settling in? We can handle the entire job or just offer a few hours of assistance. We understand that preferences vary—some enjoy unpacking over time, while others want help to avoid clutter and disorganization. We’re here to help, ensuring you don’t spend weeks or months unpacking. Request our unpacking services when booking or even at the last minute. At JFK Moving, our goal is to accommodate our customers’ needs in every way with both packing & unpacking.

Packing Service Process

Create Your Packing List

Whatever you need to pack, and wherever it’s located, we’ll work together to build a comprehensive, room-by-room inventory. Consequently, every step is based on this list, and we’ll decide with you on the best services for your move. However, if you need to add anything later or forgot an important item, we can review and add it. This method ensures you don’t feel pressured or overwhelmed if you leave something out. Ultimately, creating your packing list should be simple and stress-free, leading to an overall stress-free move. Therefore, the more organized you are, the smoother the entire move will go. This results in saving more money, as a disorganized move can take longer and cost more.

Decide On Storage Options

If you’re moving a house, downsizing, or moving furniture for home renovation, we can help store items that don’t fit in with your new lifestyle. Simply, highlight the items you want to store and decide the storage duration. Afterward, we’ll handle the rest, ensuring items are packed carefully for long-term storage. Additionally, we offer overnight storage on our trucks for $149 a night for 3-4 bedrooms and $129 a night for 1-2 bedrooms. Moreover, extended storage options are available at discounted rates.

Trust Our Movers

Once your move is booked, we’ll schedule a day and time to bring all requested packing supplies and pack your items. On moving day, we carefully sort and mark boxes for specific items. After that, we pack them safely to ensure nothing gets damaged.

Follow Your Items

Knowing where your personal items are can be stressful. Therefore, our movers stay in touch and update you every step of the way, notifying you of any delays or traffic jams. Please remember, movers drive slower to ensure your items don’t get damaged.

Unpack Your New Home

Whether you use our unpacking services or prefer to unpack yourself, we’ll provide a full list with each item checked off so you can be sure everything arrived safely. If you have questions after your items have arrived, contact your lead mover or packer. Furthermore, we can also provide partial unpacking assistance to make the process easier.