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JFK Moving is a family business that focuses on building warm and close relationships with our clients in Rancho Mission Viejo. Our experienced movers & relocation specialists are ready to serve you today! We have over several years of experience in the moving business so we understand the nature of moving can be quite grueling at times. This is why we focus on keeping an open dialogue with our customers in real-time while the move is taking place so that we can find out if there is anything we can be doing better to provide the best moving experience possible. Our rates have been carefully formulated to be affordable and competitive by analyzing the economic climate of the world as to be empathetic towards the needs and wants of our clientele. We train our movers to not only look professional but provide customer service and always bring a level A work ethic to every moving job. Our over the phone customer service representatives thoroughly explain all the charges and fees such as service fees. Our over the phone customer service representatives thoroughly explain all the charges and fees such as service fees, double driving time and minimum hour requirements. We are here to serve you and make your moving experience as transparent and simple as possible.


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