Military Moving Checklist & Tips

Published on 01/31/2023

Jakhongirmirzo Juraev
Jakhongirmirzo Juraev


Published on 01/31/2023


Moving, especially in the military, presents a stressful and complicated process. Knowing which steps to take and when can be difficult, ensuring a successful transition from one base to another. This blog post will offer a checklist for planning a military move, along with tips to ease the process. It’s crucial to plan and allocate ample time for completion. You should have all necessary documents, like passports and birth certificates, in order. Learn the rules for moving and storing personal items. Decide between hiring a professional moving service or moving yourself. Explore the area you’re moving to, familiarizing yourself with schools, healthcare, and culture. When packing, label each box with the contents, room, and destination to simplify finding and unpacking items. Finally, getting help from family and friends can smooth the moving process. With careful planning and hard work, a military move can become a successful and exciting experience.

Create a detailed timeline of events leading up to the move

Creating a detailed timeline stands as the most crucial step in planning a military move. This timeline must list all tasks you must complete before the move, like finding a reputable moving company, packing thoroughly, and notifying the post office of your new address. Also, consider other move aspects, such as budgeting for potential costs and purchasing moving supplies. A timeline keeps you organized, on track, and prioritizes immediate tasks. Remember, investing time in creating a comprehensive timeline ensures a smooth and successful transition.

Ask your local base for referrals to reliable moving companies

When choosing a moving company, conducting research to find a reliable, experienced one is essential. Seek personal referrals at your local base for any previously used moving companies. Additionally, look online for reviews from past customers to gauge the service level you can expect. This approach helps ensure you receive the best possible service and that your belongings receive careful and respectful handling. Also, take time to inquire about the services, pricing, and other relevant information from potential companies. This way, you make an informed decision and select the best moving company for your needs.

Take inventory of all items that need to be packed and shipped

After choosing a reliable moving company, you must create an inventory of all items requiring packing and shipping. This step ensures you leave nothing behind and informs the movers about the items they will transport. Providing detailed information when creating the inventory allows movers to verify they pack and move the correct items. Moreover, creating an inventory smooths the entire moving process by giving movers an idea of the items’ size and weight. An inventory is a vital step in the military moving process, ensuring everything proceeds as planned.

Make sure to secure proper packing materials and boxes

Securing proper packing materials and sturdy boxes is a critical part of any move. Acquire boxes of various sizes, from small to large, and ensure their durability to keep your items safe. Also, ensure you have enough packing materials to protect your items during the move. For added safety, consider investing in extra materials like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper, and more. Taking time to secure the right supplies can save you a lot of time and stress.

Make sure to properly label all boxes with the contents inside

Properly labeling boxes with their contents is an important packing step, providing organizational structure. This method helps you track your items and eases unpacking at your new base. Employ a labeling system such as color coding, descriptive words, or numbering to simplify item identification. Taking extra time to label boxes saves you the headache of sorting through unidentified boxes upon arrival and helps you quickly settle into your new home.

Research storage options at the new base if needed

If you need to store possessions upon relocating to a new base, researching storage options available in the area before your arrival is crucial. This research aids in making an informed decision on the best storage facility for your needs, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Investigating storage facilities ahead of time saves time and effort upon arrival, as you already know the available options and their prices. Early research also ensures your stored items are properly protected and secure.

Notify the post office of your new address

Informing the post office of your new address is critical when moving to a new base. This step ensures prompt delivery of all your mail to the correct address. Additionally, verify the post office has updated your information to avoid potential delays. Proper mail delivery ensures important documents, like bills, letters, and packages, do not get lost or misplaced. Overall, updating your address with the post office is a critical step in your move.

Find out if any items have to be shipped separately

Research which items might require special shipping considerations, such as large furniture or fragile items. Arrange proper packing and shipping with your moving company for these items. Ensure they pack and ship items in a manner that guarantees safe arrival. If shipping particularly valuable items, consider purchasing insurance to cover any potential damage during shipping. Taking steps to ship your items properly ensures a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

Research the local area for medical, educational, and recreational amenities

Before moving to a new base, thoroughly research the local area to ensure access to all necessary resources for a smooth transition. Investigate available medical, educational, and recreational amenities, including nearby hospitals, schools, parks, shopping centers, and other significant facilities. Understanding what the local area offers before arrival helps you plan and access everything needed for a successful move.


Military moving requires careful planning and execution. To ensure a smooth and stress-free move, it’s important to follow a detailed checklist and familiarize yourself with the tips and advice outlined in this blog post. For further guidance on your military move, visiting JFKMoving.com is highly recommended. This website provides extensive information on military moving, including packing and moving tips, estimated costs, and more. Using these resources can make your move as effortless and efficient as possible.



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