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Published on 12/14/2022

Jakhongirmirzo Juraev
Jakhongirmirzo Juraev


Published on 12/14/2022

The good thing about moving is that everything you own is going with you. The bad thing about moving is that everything you own is going with you. That means packing, unpacking, organizing, and making room for new things in your new home. Luckily, these challenges can be a source of mutual experiences for friends and family members who move together as well as an opportunity to give your next housemate or roommate a glimpse into your life. Here are some ideas for how to make the process less stressful and more enjoyable.

Help your choice-making friends learn about options before making a decision

People move for all kinds of reasons, so it’s important to remember that when you’re encouraging someone to move with you, you may be trying to do it for them as well. So, while you can suggest that your friend moves with you because they’re depressed and you need them to get out of their room, you should probably also mention that they’d make an awesome roommate or that they’d be a great fit in your new community. Doing this will help your friend learn to be more self-aware and aware of their motivations and feelings, which can be helpful when they choose to move in with others.

Figure out where you’re going to store the stuff you’re bringing

Moving is a big deal. It’s not just about going from one house to the next, it’s about moving everything in the same space. Because of this, you may want to consider renting a storage unit to keep your things safe until you finish your move. This will let you focus on the actual process of relocation and not the logistics of moving your things. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. First, you’ll want to check with your new neighbors to make sure that they’re cool with you having a storage unit on the premises. You may also want to schedule a time to empty the unit before you go on vacation. While you can try to do this when you’re away, you may be too distracted with planning your trip  enough to keep your things safe.

Get to know your local moving companies and their rates ahead of time

Moving companies are going to charge you a fee to move your things. But how much that fee is going to end up depends on a few things, including where you relocate to, how much stuff you have, and how much the moving company charges. To get an idea of how much you could expect to pay, you can call a few of your nearby moving companies and ask them what their rates are. You may also want to search for “moving companies” in your local area to see what comes up. Be sure to do this before you move so you don’t wind up accidentally working with a company that rates higher than you’d like to be working with. You can also do online research to find out what moving companies rate average in your area.

Work with an online company that lets you pay for services as needed

If you’re going to be moving a lot, you may want to consider using an online moving service. This can help you save money by taking advantage of cost savings like the ability to pay for services as you need them. There are a few services that offer this, with the most popular is Home Instead. This is a great option,  since housekeeping services become easy to schedule and manage. You can schedule a cleaning when you need it and pay for it with a few clicks on the app.

Don’t make a big deal over the small stuff

While it’s fun to organize the big stuff, don’t let yourself get swept up in the trivial. If you find yourself obsessing about a single item, like a pair of shoes, don’t let that lead you to make decisions that you’re not ready to make. This kind of stress can easily make you miss out on things that you should be prioritizing, like unpacking. Instead, try to keep your head in the game and focus on what’s important, like settling in properly.

Have a game night before you move in together. It can be anything!

Moving is stressful. Moving with a friend is stressful. Moving in with a new partner or roommate is stressful. If you’re like most people, moving is going to be one of the most stressful things you have to deal with in your life. To make it less stressful, why not try prepping for it by having a game night before moving in with your new housemate? This can be anything from playing board games to watching movies and even eating a well-balanced meal. Anything that gets your mind off the stress of relocating and helps you get used to your new living situation with your new housemate. You don’t have to do this right before you move. Prepping for it ahead of time can help you feel more confident when it comes time to move day.


Moving can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a drag if you plan and follow some helpful tips. Things will go smoother and the stress will be reduced if you know what to expect and have things in order. It’s important to remember that stressful situations don’t have to be stressful. The key is to keep yourself calm and relaxed. If you can do this, then moving will be much easier.




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